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We provide full architectural design and general contracting. These are two distinct services, and we may provide one or both on a project (more on that below). Having both sides in-house allows each one to inform the other. The process is design-led, meaning that every project begins with finding the best functional and aesthetic solution. Our goal for every project is to have a happy client and a beautiful final product.

How We Work

Initial Consultation

The first step is typically a design consultation in your home or site where we review your wants and needs and discuss the process for moving forward. We will provide preliminary design feedback as well as budget ranges and timelines to help you determine a project scope.

This can be a valuable tool whether or not you are sure about beginning a project in the near future, and can offer insight into possibilities that you may not have even considered.  We often consult on the "remodel or move" dilemma shared by many and on prospective home purchases.

A consultation usually takes about an hour and there is a $100 fee, payable at the time.  If the project is located more than a thirty minute drive from our office, then the consultation fee may be higher to include travel time.   You may also opt for a phone consultation or a meeting in our office, for which there is no charge.

Following the initial consultation we can provide a proposal outlining the scope and services that we discussed.

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We realize that there are many folks who have never worked with an architect or done this kind of project before, and we strive to make the process as easy and friendly as possible.  Our company works a little bit differently than others, and here we will try explain our process and address some of the questions you may have:

How much do architectural services cost?
Architecture is billed on a time and materials basis at an hourly rate.  It is hourly because every project and client has different needs, and there are many types and levels of service that we can provide.  Following a consultation we can give an estimate for the amount of fees based on the specific project.
Can you give me a construction estimate for my project?
During an initial consultation we can provide a very rough ballpark range of construction cost based on the type and size of project you describe. An accurate construction estimate is not something that can be provided until some level of design and drawings have been completed.

We already have a builder or want to put our project out for multiple bids.  Is it required that your team build our project if you design it?
No, there is no obligation to use our construction team.  You will pay for the design and will own the drawings to pass along to a builder or builders of your choosing.
We really want RPH to do both the design and construction on our project.  Can you guarantee that you can provide both services?
We aren't able to guarantee that our construction team will be available for a particular project.  Because they usually focus on only one or two projects at a time, they are often booked well in advance.  Therefore we do have other builders that we work with frequently and can refer you to based on the type of project.
We already have drawings by another architect.  Can we get a bid from Rock Paper Hammer to build it?
While our construction team is usually kept pretty busy carrying out our own designs, there may be times that we have availability to consider other designer's projects.  Please forward us your drawings and we will take a look, and let you know if it seems like a compatible project.
Do you do work outside of the Louisville area?
We like to keep it local.  While our design projects can have a farther reach, our construction projects tend to stay around or within the I-265 loop.
Do you provide interior design services?
Much of the interior design is difficult to separate from the architecture in most of our projects, and we provide direction on anything that is part of the construction scope such as materials, finishes, fixtures, etc.  If you are looking for help with furnishings or decor we can help recommend an interior decorator to provide these finishing touches.


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